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Alcohol content: 
7,5 % vol.

The Moinette Bio* is a top fermentation, blond beer with refermentation in the bottle.
It was created in 1990 and is, together with the Saison Dupont Bio*, one of the first two organic* beers.
The Moinette Bio* has the combination of malt aromas, fruitiness and fine hops.
It is very thirst-quenchening and strikes a fine balance between mellowness, fruitiness and bitterness.
The long refermentation in the bottle ends up in a very complex beer.
The production is being controlled by Certisys and has the label Biogarantie®.

* control BE-BIO-01

1,59 €

At cellar temperature (12°C) or even lighly chilled as an aperitif or companion of your dishes such as “pork-steak with Moinette cheese” and also our cheeses Moinette Jeune, Moinette au malt & au houblon and Moinette Vieux.

  • * A € 0.10 deposit is asked for 33 cl bottles.
  • * A € 0.20 deposit is asked for 75 cl bottles.